Who We Are

Who We Are

WeeBits was founded by three pediatric therapists who saw the need to empower families by providing cost-effective education and experiences so they can improve their child's overall wellness and development.  The purpose of the charity is to obtain funding to provide these stated services to families in our communities more at a more affordable rate.  

WeeBits is for those children "at-risk" for developmental delays.  We have numerous referrals for those children who have a diagnosis or identified delay.  We want to serve families who are expecting a child, families with a child who is “at risk”, or any other families who want to see their child succeed regardless of economic hardships or insurance coverage.  We want to change the statistics and reduce the number of children that may have otherwise needed therapeutic intervention.   

  Sarah Rosten   Executive Board President   

Sarah Rosten

Executive Board President


  Lindsey Fry   Executive Director    

Lindsey Fry

Executive Director 



Executive Board Members

Bob Ellison, Treasurer