WeeClasses - Enrichment for PARENTS AND THEIR CHILD

I was worried about my youngest son Ryan’s speech development so I took him in for a screening. We were referred to Early Intervention, but in the mean time I signed him up for WeeBits Sign & Sing class. Now all of a sudden his language is exploding! He is saying more words and attempting so many more. As a parent this is a completely different experience than when my oldest started the process of Early Intervention. I feel more confident in my ability to enhance my child’s development. I know some of the other mom’s have noticed the same thing.
— Katie, mother of Jacob


  • Caregivers will learn hands-on how to encourage your child to communicate with you more.  Activities will be an extension of Waukegan Public Library's two-year-old Storytime


  • WeeSing encourages communication, socialization and parents will receive education for home carryover


  • Caregivers will learn how to encourage and communicate with their child through movement including dance, obstacle courses, yoga and exercises.


  • Caregiver will learn techniques to enhance infant’s growth/development, stimulate learning, relaxation for sleep and self-calming, relief of common ailments, and interactions that promote bonding and attachment. Find out more Benefits of Infant Massage