developmental screening and scheduling

Developmental Screenings:

Are you concerned about your child meeting his/her developmental milestones? Do you have concerns about how they function at home or with daily routines? Are you afraid they are falling behind in certain skills or at school?

A Developmental Screening may answer all of these questions and many more!

WeeBits has partnered with Pediatric Interactions to offer FREE Developmental Screenings to families to address many of the concerns listed above.

What should I expect from a Developmental Screening?
A licensed and credentialed therapist will review a questionnaire completed by a parent or caregiver and interact with the child. Families will receive written recommendations, referrals and/or developmental information as appropriate.

How do I schedule a FREE Developmental Screening?
As mentioned above, Pediatric Interactions has partnered with WeeBits to offer these screenings FREE to families in both Lake and McHenry Counties.
Click Here to schedule a screening with Pediatric Interactions.

If you cannot make it to Pediatric Interactions, there are also many other sites throughout Lake and McHenry Counties that offer screenings as well as resources to help your child once they begin school.
Click Here for a list of Lake County Screening Sites.
Click Here for a list of McHenry County Screening Sites.

WeeBits has also partnered with local preschool programs to provide group developmental screenings to meet the ExcelRate Illinois standards.  Directors can contact us for more information regarding our group screenings or staff training at