Infant Massage

Infant Massage

What will I learn?:

  • how to enhance infant’s growth and development through loving touch
  • stimulation of all systems to improve child's ability to learn 
  • relaxation techniques to improve sleep and self-calming 
  • techniques to provide relief of gas, colic, constipation, teething discomfort, etc.
  • interactions that promote bonding and attachment because instructor is teaching the family the techniques

 Who can benefit from this class?:

  • parents/caregivers will enjoy this experience with their child

  • children who are typically developing, have developmental delays, who were born premature.....all children. it's best if your baby is not crawling yet

 What about my other kids?:

  • childcare is available for siblings to allow for parent to give the infant their undivided attention.

What happens after the class is finished?:

  • as class participant, you'll be able to attend "drop in" classes to refresh your skills and learn new ways to adapt the techniques for each stage of your child's development
  • individual sessions available to fit the needs of your family

 Registration is limited (min 4/max 8):

Saturdays 9:00-10:00      

5 week session starting April 26th (no class May 24th), last class May 31

  • additional sessions may be scheduled throughout the summer
  • massage oil and handouts will be provided by instructor
  • Costs: tuition $50 or per session (financial assistance may be available)
  • Childcare is available for older siblings at $5/week or $20/session


Contact Lindsey Fry for questions regarding the program or to request a form for registration at or  847-223-7433, ext 203.