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WeeBits for families relies on donations and community to support. Thank you for your donation!

A donations form is available for your convenience or please email regarding donations.


Opportunities may be available, please contact us at

---May 8 and 10:  Rummage sale set-up and clean-up

---Saturdays -five weeks starting April 26th (no class May 24th) May 31 9-10 am:  babysitting for siblings during infant massage class



Fundraising Events

See Upcoming Events for more details


Funding for Our Goals:

•  Distributing products

•  Providing programs for families to enhance skills and increase knowledge

•  Developing and offering educational curriculum regarding infant development

•  Building a network of referrals and professional to participate and contribute to our goals

•  Offering resources for Lending Library

•  Assisting with reimbursement for programs, programs and services


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Increase Awareness:

Help us reach families with infants and toddlers that may be at-risk for developmental delays and/or who's parents want to further their child's development.