Our Mission and Vision

A non-profit organization bringing awareness and guidance to those families with infants/toddlers who are "at-risk" and may fall outside the boundaries of existing child developmental programs


• to empower and educate families
• to provide a bridge between knowledge and confidence
• to enhance overall child wellness and development           • to reduce the number of toddlers and children that               might have otherwise required therapeutic intervention or   did not qualify for another program 


To be a clearly recognized and utilized organization in our community that offers education, classes, and materials to support families and their child's development. 


  • Providing programs for families to enhance skills and increase knowledge
  • Developing and offering educational curriculum regarding infant development
  • Building a network of referrals and professional to participate and contribute to our goals
  • Offering resources for Lending Library
  • Producing and distributing educational products
  • Assisting with reimbursement for programs, workshops and other services